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"Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, SUPREME PETROLEUM is set up for marketing and trading petroleum
products regionally and internationally."

Company Backgound

SUPREME PETROLEUM was initially incorporated in Dubai in 2010 based on a truly rare commercial licenses issued by Dubai Government. In the past 5 years, SUPREME PETROLEUM has been successful in establishing a strong corporate structure and a robust regional and international presence.

Current Position in the Market

In the past 5 years, SUPREME PETROLEUM has established strong relationships with refineries, oil producers, titleholders, petroleum traders and corporate mandates in the hearts of petroleum and financial centers in Russia, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. SUPREME PETROLEUM is currently focusing on acquiring a larger share of petroleum market by extending activities through various Joint Venture Partnerships. Hence, SUPREME PETROLEUM is keen to consider partnering with investors and companies that share our vision and objectives to create a more robust and reliable platform for petroleum product trading locally and internationally.


SUPREME PETROLEUM was founded and is currently being managed by a team of experts with over 50 years of experience in international business, investment banking, startups, corporate management and development.

To become one of the most distinguished petroleum companies throughout the world by practicing and advocating:

  • Art of Business (AOB)
  • Art of Relationship (AOR)
  • Art of Actualization (AOA)


  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

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Commodities Financing

Supreme Petroleum trade finance partners comprehensive solutions for the finance of international trades: Our financing partners have years of experience in commodity finance and can offer our customers a range of traditional or bespoke commodity-finance solutions using a full range of products, including:

For details, please visit Al Salman Group fully owned subsidiary Saratoga Commercial Services.


  • Issuance of Letters of Credit
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Guarantees and similar trade finance instruments
  • L/C confirmation services
  • Warehouse and receivables financing

Marketing and Trading

Marketing and trading crude oil and petroleum product are the core activities of Supreme Petroleum. Supreme Petroleum has strong ties with various suppliers, refineries, titleholders, resellers, and intermediaries in oil producer countries around the world including Dubai, Houston, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Valadyvostok and Novorossiysk. Supreme Petroleum is flexible assuming position as supplier, titleholder, reseller or mandate depending on the nature of each transaction.



Supreme Petroleum works with shipping brokers based in Dubai, Greece and Singapore to locate, position and provide carriers for Clean Petroleum Products and Dirty Petroleum Products including chemical and bitumen. For more information, visit our strategic logistics partner



Supreme Petroleum works closely with owners of storage and bunkering facilities around the world including those located in Fujairah, Hamriya, Houston, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Valadyvostok and Novorossiysk. Supreme Petroleum assists clients to secure storage capacity they require for all kinds of petroleum products with reasonable terms and conditions.


Facility Management & Consulting

Supreme Petroleum has highly qualified in house partners with decades of management experience and expertise in various sectors of petroleum industries. Supreme petroleum team provides short term and long term management assistance in the very dynamic environment of petroleum industries.


Equipment & Machinery

Supreme Petroleum provides a wide range of quality equipment, machinery and parts for all sectors of the industry including light to heavy machinery and equipment for exploration, extraction, refining, carrier tankers and pipelines.


Waste Management

Quality waste management is an integral part of oil industries sustainability; and a necessity to improve operations and products to meet industrial, operational, environmental and social expectations. Supreme Petroleum offers the most efficient ways of waste management through highly experienced partners.


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